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Medical Rejuvenation Institute's Response to Covid-19

Over and over we hear from healthcare leaders that the pandemic is seriously or deadly affecting the elderly (grouped after 60 years of age!), children and those with chronic debilitating illnesses. The solutions offered are to isolate, wear inefficient masks, tough it out while on the mechanical ventilator if you end up with ARDS and bathe on disinfectant solutions while you can.

The Vitality curve is relentless... after your early 30's your vitality starts going down and the rate of decline depends on multiple factors including those you can't control and those that you can such as proper nutrition, exercise, mental hygiene, sleep and toxin exposure. The more vitality you have the stronger your ability to respond to attacks from viruses such as #Covid19.

Due to the current restrictions in personal contact I am unable to offer in person consultations, however, I will soon start delivering telemedicine Integrative Medicine consults. In the mean time, you may read the books I wrote the past decade after spending time figuring out how to stay healthy and live younger longer, plus the experience and knowledge from the prior two decades learning how to tackle disease from a minor cold (my work in the ER) to disasters such as ARDS caused by #Covid 19 and many other agents ( my initial time as Intensivist and pulmonologist).

As a disclaimer, I need to disclose that I not only practice traditional western medicine but I have been extensively trained in integrative medicine which is a discipline that integrates all forms of healing that have scientific validation even though they might not be profitable enough to be put through the rigors and expense of an FDA approval. Furthermore, I have not been able to find a medical insurer to cover me for non traditional services. I do have a Pastoral Medical Science License, which is a form of insurance for those of us who dare to take the road less traveled and I am required to disclose if I am advocating non traditional healing methods. So there you have it. For now, feel free to peruse my Jane Doe Series and Re for nutrition book .

Furthermore, I need to disclose that when I am working for a hospital or other entity, I am to stick with traditional medicine for obvious reasons, so the more support I get in this site the more I will be able to take care of you and your loved ones before they have to see me in the Intensive care unit, the Pulmonary clinic or the Emergency department.

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