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The Natural Course of Human Vitality and telomeres length.

Human vitality and telomere length are closely correlated. At birth vitality and telomere length are at the minimum or at the beginning of a bell shaped curve. In the first two decades both vitality and telomere length achieve the peak. After that there is a gradual decline, the velocity of decline varies depending on individual factors such as life style, toxic exposures and diet but all that ultimately leads to sickness and death.

Telomeres are the wrapping at the end of the chromosomes that protect them from damage, inapropriate fusion or recombination. Telomerase is an enzyme that prevents telomeres from shortening by inserting a piece of DNA at the end of each chromosome replication. Telomerase is present in germ cells and stem cells not in somatic cells. Germ cells are the ones that make babies and stem cells are the ones that make cells such as blood cells. The shorter the telomeres, the more the chromosomes make mistakes during replication and this leads to disease such as cancer, heart attacks, etc. Every day an average of 25-50 pieces of telomeres are lost depending on the stress to the cell. Liver cells and stomach cells loose about 50 pieces per day. Cancer cells once they become malignant they turn the mitochondria off and turn the telomerase on. Until recently we did not know how to turn on telomerase. By turning on telomerase we can preserve blood cells that fight infections and cancer and help preserve other tissues as well. While at the Medical Rejuvenation Institute we can provide with IV nutritional therapies and advanced supplements such as TA-65, there are many other things you can do by your self such as reduce stress, toxic relationships, nutrition, positive thinking, yoga and more that I discussed in my Jane Doe series and Re with nutrition. You may find those books in Amazon, Audible and Kindle.

In good health,

Dr. Briones.

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